outlay out‧lay [ˈaʊtleɪ] noun [countable, uncountable]
FINANCE an amount of money that has to be spent, especially at the start of a new business, project etc:

• The company's initial outlay would be about $56m.

ˌcapital ˈoutlay
FINANCE money spent on capital equipment; = CAPITAL EXPENDITURE:

• Higher profits enable companies to raise capital outlays and productivity.

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outlay UK US /ˈaʊtleɪ/ noun [C or U]
FINANCE an amount of money that you spend on something, especially a large amount that is spent on new equipment or to start a new business activity: »

Investors can receive tax relief of up to 40% on their outlay.

an outlay of $150m/£300/€580m, etc. »

The bank is currently receiving an 8.9% stake for an outlay of £10 million.

outlay for/on sth »

Total outlay on the health sector is budgeted at 18.34 billion rupees.

an initial/an original/a total outlay »

Initial outlay for a franchise is approximately £45,000.

recover/recoup your outlay »

Casinos must not only recoup their outlay, they must also make a profit.


Going into the wine business involves a large financial outlay.


an annual/a monthly outlay


a big/huge/small outlay

See also CAPITAL OUTLAY(Cf. ↑capital outlay), CASH OUTLAY(Cf. ↑cash outlay)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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